Gastro bag

Dry spices – GASTRO - a food additive with vegetables is one of best quality additives on market. By unique production technology with a perfect balanced salt quantity and vegetables we have got an irreplaceable product in every household. Velkom spices give a Mediterranean taste to our meals.
GASTRO – The food additive “Gastro” is one of the most significant for good food lovers. A recognizable mix of spices, dry vegetables and salt is added to cooked meals and roasts in order to improve taste of the main ingredients. Because of its unique quality, “Gastro” has become a popular additive all over Serbia and Europe.
    EAN Package TP/pic.
    8600955225644 250 g bag 20
    8600955225637 500 g bad 12
    8600955226740 1000 g bag 10
    8600955226177 500 g jar 15
    8600955225767 1000 g jar 8
    8600955225798 5 kg bag 1