Cream Powder Classic

Sweet products – are the fastest sweets for the whole family. They are used as raw materials in production and as decoration of the most beautiful cakes and cookies. Velkom whipped creams are by their flavor and density ones of best quality on the market.
WHIPPED CREAM - “Velkom’s” instant whipped cream powder has decorated the most beautiful cakes that could be made in Serbia for almost two decades. The whipped creams are made from domestic and imported raw materials of best quality. It is characterized by an outstanding density and hardness when put on a cake, as well as the flavor of sweet cream. They are one of the most sold whipped creams on the market of Serbia.
Whipped cream Classic - It is the youngest product of “Velkom’s” whipped cream family. It is intended for more economic buyers. It is prepared with water/mineral carbonated water or milk and it is used as an additive to all kinds of sweets. It is made of best quality raw materials and meets the highest standards.
    EAN Package TP/pic.
    8600955227006 40 g 45
    8600955226993 500 g 10